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Group Buy: GMK Watster Keycap

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R1 Cherry Profile
Doubleshot ABS

Legend Color: CR
Keycap Color: CV

MOQs for different pricing
250 - USD $2.50 Each - PASSED
1000 - USD $1.50 Each
2000 - USD $1.25 Each
3000 - USD $1.00 Each

Group buy will end on August 12.

Refunds will be made to each order at the end of the group buy period depending on the MOQ reached. If the group buy fails to reach MOQ, all orders will be refunded.

Estimated Shipping Date ranges from November 14 - November 24

Current caps sold: 382(+74 EU Proxy)/1000

Shipping date extended twice. Once for a month while our gmk contact was unreachable (on leave) and once for getting into the GMK queue after the GMK Nautilus GB.

Revised Estimated Shipping Date: January 14- January 24


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