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COMING MAY 1, 2018.

JTK RED RIOT is the first in a line of collaborations with long-time community member puddsy.

The set features high quality, Cherry profile, blank, thick (~1.5mm) ABS, Cherry MX-compatible keycaps in an classic `red colorscheme.

There are 131 keys in this set, for added compatibility. Due to the keycaps not having legends, many layouts can be supported by this set, including:

HHKB (7u spacebar only)
65% / 75%
1800 (7u spacebar only)
Split space layouts

These keycaps will be produced in China by JT Keycaps.

High-quality injection molded polycarbonate display and sorting trays will be offered with each purchase, but the set can be purchased at a USD $5 discount without the tray.

There will be price reductions for higher quantities of keysets sold:

100 - $47 ($50 Shipped) MOQ
200 - $45 ($48 Shipped) Price Break 1
300 - $42 ($45 Shipped) Price Break 2

Group buy participants will be refunded if this keyset does not reach MOQ. At the end of the group buy, if any price breaks are reached, participants will be partially refunded for the respective amount.

This group buy will run until May 28th.

The estimated shipping date for this group buy is TBA/TBA/TBA.


  • Image of [GB] JTK RED RIOT