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Replacement Springs

To apply for replacement springs, you must have

1. An order for the first round of Custom MX Springs on for 55, 62, or 68g springs.

2. An order number, or at the very least the email, name, and address that the order was sent to if you have deleted the email. Please put this in the comments of your order.

3. Shipping Cost ($3 US, $10 Canada, $13 intl)

If you would like a 40% refund on your affected product, which is all I can currently offer, please email me at


The window for replacement spring closes 2 weeks from November 8, 2018, on November 22, 2018.

If you would like to combine this with another order, please choose the last option and shipping will be charged accordingly when you add that product to your cart.

Full detail:


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