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Custom MX Springs

I am currently out of vials. A vial restock will occur in 2-3 weeks and all orders will be delayed accordingly. As such, the prices of in-stock lubricants will be decreased by USD $0.50 for the duration of the backorder.

Produced in conjunction with catweewee from Singa Keyboards, these custom gold-plated springs are an attempt to deliver affordable, high quality, non-scammer-sold springs to the community.

Springs are packaged in bags of ~100, and come in 5 weights, by bottom out: 55, 62, 68, 72, and 78 grams.

An error has been noted in the springs' correct weights and is being rectified. A thread will be posted on reddit's mechmarkets/mechanicalkeyboard subreddits very soon denoting a solution. (9/9/2018)

Current planned timeline:
1) Receive replacement 62g springs(????)
2) Package all springs(5 day)
3) Start replacement process (2wk)
4) Sell any remaining springs.


  • Image of Custom MX Springs